Sherlock Holmes -Mysterious Investigation

Escape room Sherlock Holmes "Mysterious Investigation" will take you to the banks of the River Thames where the citizens of old London are in a panic! The great detective Sherlock Holmes was arrested! What happened?
Now criminals of all types and ranks will go unpunished and the most complex and controversial crimes will go unsolved! The sudden arrest of the great detective raised a lot of unanswered questions and even more gossip and trouble ...
The best detectives in London are trying tirelessly to find any evidence of what would have happened in Holmes's investigation, for him to be incriminated.
Why he was arrested? Whose is fault of that?
Escape Club's room Sherlock Holmes: "Mysterious Investigation" will leave for you and your team little clues, take a closer look. The slightest hint of the directions of Sherlock's investigation may help solve this mysterious mess.
Escape room Sherlock Holmes: "Mysterious Investigation" by Escape Club, gives you a task - without delay, expose a gang of criminals as fast as possible and eliminate its leader. Is it possible that the great detective's own life is in danger?
You and your team are the last hope of Londoners and Sherlock Holmes. Now it all depends on how you solve the Escape room Sherlock Holmes by Escape Club: victory or defeat? Everything is in your hands. Good luck!

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